Case study - Philomena

Last updated: 2 November 2021


Philomena (60) is an active retiree living with cerebral palsy who participates in disability committees as a way of sharing her experience with others. She is also a passionate member of her local choir.

As someone who has been using disability services all her life, she thinks that more people need to know about the Disability Gateway. 

“When I tried the Disability Gateway website I thought ‘this is good: clear, well presented and really easy to use. People should know about this.’ I plan on telling all the people with disability and all the carers I know,” Philomena says.

Philomena has used online search engines in the past to look for disability services, but she thinks being able to access information and links to services from one place will make her search easier. 
“When I search for services online, I have to use the right words and even then, I might have to wade through lots of results.

The Disability Gateway website has information about many different aspects of life. You might need to know about mental health, or transport, or housing – anything to do with living with disability. Now you can go to one place, whether you’re a person with disability or a carer, and you’ll find it.”