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NDIS supports

Local Area Coordinators (LACs)

If you are aged 7 and above, Local Area Coordinators (LACs) can link you to the NDIS and to mainstream and community supports in your area. You can ask your LAC about the supports available in your community, even if you're not eligible for an NDIS support plan. Find out more about how a Local Area Coordinator may be able to assist you

Support for Indigenous Australians

Housing in Australia

The National Indigenous Australians Agency has provided information on programmes and policies specific to land and housing for Indigenous Australians. Learn more about land and housing programmes and policies

Support for new migrants

Housing in Australia

Information for new migrants about housing options in Australia. Learn about housing options in Australia for new migrants

Types of housing

Launchpad – leaving school and leading your own life

Autism Spectrum Australia has developed this resource to help young people with Autism and their families to live independently. See how Launchpad can help you

Opening the Door

If you need help with finding pathways to better housing options, the Opening the Door project includes some resources that may assist you. See how Opening the Door can help you

Public Housing Movable Units

Movable units are movable buildings that can be set up in the backyard of a friend, relative or carer's home. They allow people with disability to live independently near a source of support. The units are a type of public housing. Find out more about movable units

Social Housing

The Victorian government and not-for-profit agencies provide social housing for people on low incomes or with special needs. Social housing incorporates public housing and community housing. These options offer you secure affordable long-term rental accommodation. Find out more about the types of social housing and if you are eligible

Supported accommodation

Victoria has companies and organisations that provide various types of disability housing, including specialist disability accommodation and supported independent living. Find out more about supported accommodation on Housing Victoria

There are also websites that allow you to match your needs to available properties in their listings, including supported accommodation options. Visit the websites to find housing to suit you: