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Arts and culture for people with disability

NSW State Library

The library provides facilities and services for people with a temporary or permanent disability. Find out more about access to the NSW State LibraryFind out about the adaptive technology offered by the NSW State Library

Community programs and services for people with disability

Achieve Australia

If you have an NDIS plan, Achieve Australia offers you a range of community and lifestyle programs. Activities that you can do include hobbies, arts and crafts, community engagement, and skills building. Learn more about the activities offered by Achieve Australia

Audio Ability

Audio Ability is a project that will mentor, train and assign work placement for people living with disability in community media and creative industries across Australia. Find out more about Audio Ability

Better Health Channel

The Better Health Channel provides information about disability groups and networks. Some you can access across Australia, however some are only available in Victoria. See the list of disability groups and networks on the Better Health Channel website


BrainBank is a free one-on-one peer panel to help people with brain injury navigate life and support others. Find out more about BrainBank

Community Access Western Sydney

Community Access Western Sydney run a mentoring skills program for people with disability to help you develop social skills and social connections across Western Sydney. Find out more about Community Access Western Sydney

Disability Services Australia

If you have an National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, Disability Services Australia offers a range of social and recreational day programs that may be of interest to you. Find out more about Disability Services Australia’s programs

Down Syndrome Australia

If you have down syndrome you may be able to access facilitated online peer-support networks, webinars, as well as face-to-face programs delivered by Down Syndrome Australia. Find out more about Down Syndrome Australia’s programs

Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC)

ILC provides funding to organisations to deliver projects in the community that benefit all Australians with disability, their carers and families.

These projects create connections between people with disability and the communities they live in. Projects aim to build the knowledge, skills and confidence of people with disability, and improve their access to community and mainstream services. Learn more about ILC funding to connect people with their communities

Muscular Dystrophy NSW

Muscular Dystrophy NSW supports people living with neuromuscular conditions and their families.

They host events such as camps and retreats. Find out more about Muscular Dystrophy NSW

My Community Directory

The My Community Directory website is a database of community services throughout Australia. You can find community programs by searching for key words and your location. Search for respite and activities in your area

Peer support for People with Physical Disability

There are individual and peer support groups available to you if you have a physical disability. They support people in topics of interest, achieving personal goals and social outings. Find out more about how you can get peer support here

SSPA Mentorship Program

This program supports young short statured people to build resilience and deal with social issues at school, work and in the community. Find out more about the SSPA Mentorship program

The A-List

This is an online platform for young autistic people, their families and carers to find social and group activities with like-minded people with similar interests. Find out more information

The Disability Trust

If you have an NDIS plan, the Disability Trust offers you a range of programs and supports. They can help you connect with peers who are the same age and have similar interests. Find out more about the programs organised by the Disability Trust

Totally Doable

Totally Doable are a series of web-based videos produced by and about culturally and linguistically diverse people living with disability. Find out more about Totally Doable

We Care NSW

If you are an Aboriginal person with a psychosocial and/or intellectual disability We Care NSW can help you can connect with others, participate in activities that promote connection with culture, identity and empowerment, and link into support including health and community services. Find out more about We Care NSW

NDIS supports

Local Area Coordinators (LACs)

If you are aged 7 and above, Local Area Coordinators (LACs) can link you to the NDIS and to mainstream and community supports in your area. You can ask your LAC about the supports available in your community, even if you're not eligible for an NDIS support plan. Find out more about how a Local Area Coordinator may be able to assist you

Support for New Migrants

Leisure in Australia

Information for new migrants about sport and recreation options in Australia. Learn about leisure in Australia for new migrants

Speak My Language

The Speak My Language program involves people with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Indigenous communities, and other guest speakers, sharing stories, advice and resources to support living well with a disability. Interviews will be available in 25 languages and are free to stream. Find out more about the Speak My Language program