Victoria - Social life

Autism Camp Australia

Autism Camp Australia runs a range of activities to improve the health and wellbeing of young autistic people and their families. Find out more about Autism Camp Australia

Autism Identity and Awareness for Individuals

This online training course delivers life skills for teenagers and young adults living with autism. It can help you to build confidence and self-awareness. Find out more about this training course


CFStrong is a website designed and built specifically for adults living with cystic fibrosis (CF). It is an online resource with stories and information, advice, and covers topics such as medical questions, employment, relationships, and more. Find out more about CFStrong

Horizons PWC - Latino disability culture and inclusion

This project supports Latino families with children (5-14 years) living with disability to increase their sense of belonging, de stigmatise disability and strengthen their inclusion culture. Find out more about Horizons PWC - Latino disability culture and inclusion

Launchpad – leaving school and leading your own life

Autism Spectrum Australia has developed this resource to help young people with Autism and their families to live independently. See how Launchpad can help you

National Online Afternoon Program

The I Can Network runs this program to give young autistic people a safe, peer-led space to build confidence and social connections in a safe environment. Visit the website to learn more about the program

The A-List

This is an online platform for young autistic people, their families and carers to find social and group activities with like-minded people with similar interests. Find out more information