Networks and advocacy for people with disability

There are organisations that can assist you to overcome barriers (for example, physical access, discriminatory attitudes, abuse or neglect) that impact on your daily life.

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Disability Advocacy

  • The Disability Advocacy Finder is a tool made available by the Department of Social Services (DSS) for the purposes of listing the contact details and locations of disability advocacy agencies. Organisations included on the Disability Advocacy Finder are ones that receive funding from the Commonwealth or a state or territory government to provide advocacy under individual or systemic models of advocacy

Note - The Disability Advocacy Finder is currently being redeveloped and a new version will be available in the coming months.

Networks and advocacy for people with disability

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Networks are groups of people you can connect with.

Advocacy is when someone speaks up for you if you can’t speak up for yourself.

Some organisations offer networking and advocacy services.

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These organisations can help you:

  • overcome barriers in your day to day life
  • speak up for your rights – rules about how everyone should be treated fairly.

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Some of these organisations are peak bodies.

Peak bodies are organisations that talk to the government for a group of people about barriers or problems.


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Disability advocacy

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The Department of Social Services (DSS) made a website called the Disability Advocacy Finder.

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You can use it to find information about disability advocacy organisations near you, such as:

  • their phone number
  • their email address
  • where their office is.

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All of these organisations receive funding from the government to help pay for their services.