Reporting on Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031

Strong reporting on the Strategy is needed to show how it is changing the lives of people with disability. A range of reports will be published including a data Dashboard, annual Targeted Action Plan reports, implementation reports every two years and two major evaluations.

Data for the reports will be collected from:

  • Australian Government agencies (including Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and National Disability Insurance Scheme)
  • state, territory and local governments
  • the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • state and territory human rights/anti-discrimination bodies
  • the National Disability Insurance Agency
  • Disability Representative Organisations
  • Australia’s Disability Strategy Advisory Council.

Reporting is already undertaken by state and territory governments, and many local governments, as part of reporting against their own disability plans. Their reporting will add to the overall reporting against the Strategy.

A number of projects will strengthen the quality and quantity of data used for reporting. Over time the data will form an evidence base to guide decisions on disability changes.

Targeted Action Plan reports

These high-level reports will show how the Targeted Action Plans are working, including what actions have occurred, what successes there have been, and overall status. These reports are made after each financial year and will be published by October.

Outcomes Framework Website and Dashboard

The Outcomes Framework Website and Dashboard will publish available data for the outcome measures listed in the Strategy. Data will be updated on a regular basis when new data is available. The Website and Dashboard are currently being developed and are expected to be launched in mid-2022.

Implementation reports

Implementation reports will track progress made by all levels of government. People with disability, the Australian Human Rights Commission, key stakeholders, and the Advisory Council, will be consulted in preparing the reports. These reports are made every two financial years. The first implementation report covering the 2021-23 financial years will be available late in 2023.

Evaluation reports

Two major evaluation reports are planned for 2025 and 2029 and will be done by independent reviewers. These reports will include recommendations for improvement. As the first evaluation is planned for 2025, the first evaluation report will be completed in 2026. The Strategy will also be reviewed at the finalisation of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability in September 2023.