Welcome to the Disability Gateway

The Disability Gateway has information and services to help people with disability, their family, friends and carers, to find the support they need in Australia.

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Areas of life

Income and finance

Access to income and financial supports


Training and help to find a job

Aids and equipment

Technology to make your everyday activities easier


Programs and information to help you find a home to suit you


Help to get you where you want to go

Health and wellbeing

Support and services for your health and wellbeing

Everyday living

Help with the things you need to do every day


Access to educational opportunities at all stages of life


Access to sport, recreation, travel and tourism

Rights and Legal

Help with discrimination or legal problems

Information about Disability in Australia

News and updates

Blue Knot Day


Blue Knot Day is a national day held every October by Blue Knot Foundation in support of adults who have experienced complex trauma.

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