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Photo of Callum


Callum had difficulty socialising until he joined a sports group for people with disability.

Being part of this group has helped build his confidence, self esteem and social skills.

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Photo of Graham


Graham could not walk until he was 12 years old. Now he goes to the gym to stay fit and build his strength.

He is involved in the arts community and enjoys music, art and acting. He also enjoys socialising and getting out in nature.

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Photo of Cherie


Cherie likes to perform and was very introverted until she joined a theatre group.

She now travels to participate in theatre and uses the Disability Gateway to find the services she needs when travelling

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Photo of Kimberley


Kimberley enjoys dancing, film production and craft classes. She also volunteers at an Equestrian Centre.

Her dad, Mike, drives her to her activities but she is becoming more independent with the help of the Disability Gateway.

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Photo of Connie


Connie loves performing and is a lead singer in a band, which has helped with her confidence.

She has struggled with mental health and uses the Disability Gateway to find the support she needs.

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Photo of Dominic


Dominic is from Vietnam. He was adopted by an Australian family and grew up in rural South Australia.

Living in a rural area as a child, his family found it hard to find information on disability supports.

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Photo of Richard


Richard uses dancing and movement to help with his Parkinsons, and is part of a dancing group.

He has found information through the Disability Gateway to help him communicate and socialise.

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photo of Grace


Grace is a member of her local arts community and likes to sing and perform.

She is also studying sound healing which is the use of sound to improve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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photo of Mark


Mark was badly injured in a motor bike accident and now needs specialised transport to help him get around.

He has been able to access transport and other disability supports through the Disability Gateway.

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photo of Sue


Sue is part of a deaf club who get together for fun activities, like going for a picnic or to a restaurant.

Living in a remote area, it was difficult to access supports but she has been able to do this through the Disability Gateway.

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Benjamin is a Year 12 student who would like to work in the hospitality industry when he leaves school.

He loves cooking and visual and performing arts.

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Dominique and Nick

Dominique and Nick

Nick suffered significant physical injuries after an accident and now needs specialised transport to get to appointments.

With the help of his carer Dominique, he has been able to access supports through the Disability Gateway.

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Francesca works at a local childcare centre as a volunteer four days a week.

In her free time, Francesca does acting classes, trains at the gym and does gymnastics.

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Gary lost part of his arm after a car accident when he was 24.  He has since completed an apprenticeship and works as a welder.

He mainly lives independently, but knows that he may need further support as he gets older.

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Janelle had a foot amputation when she was six years old. She is now a mother and works in childhood education.

Janelle has embraced her disability and lives an active lifestyle and has played competitive tennis.

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John has lived with spina bifida paraplegia since birth. He likes to exercise and with the help of aids and equipment leads an active lifestyle.

John is an avid traveller and is planning to travel to the Northern Territory.  As he gets older he needs more support with everyday living and researches these supports online.

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Judeland works at the Australian Taxation Office. He loves sport and currently plays in a wheelchair football league. He also participates in weightlifting and cross training.

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Laura and Eddie

Laura and Eddie

Laura is a full time carer for her adult son Eddie.  Laura is teaching Eddie independence skills.

Laura is Chinese. She is finding translated information to help Eddie through the Disability Gateway.

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Lauren balances her time between a day activity centre and studying at TAFE.

Lauren likes cooking and hospitality and would like to work in a café.

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Loc moved from Vietnam to Australia as a child. He previously had a career in chemistry, until he lost his vision.

With the help of support services Loc has regained his independence and is determined to return to work.

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Maya is studying a Bachelor of Social Work and is looking forward to finding work in this field.

Maya lives at home with her parents but is independent and is planning to move into her own place in the near future.

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Philomena is an active retiree who participates in disability committees as a way of sharing her experience with others.

Philomena  is also a member of her local choir.

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Stuart, despite facing challenges, has achieved a Bachelor of Human Services and Masters in Social Work. Along the way, he has relied on support workers to assist him with everyday tasks.

He now assists others with disability helping them access the supports and services they need.

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