Early childhood education

Young children with disability may experience early childhood education at home, at childcare centres, at pre-schools or at kindergartens. Early childhood education occurs the year before full-time schooling starts. Information and support may be available to help you make sure that your child with disability and/or developmental delay has a positive start to their education.

Early childhood education

A woman and a boy reading a book

Most young children have 1 year of early childhood education before they go to primary

A teacher and 2 children, writing

Young children with disability can get early childhood education:

  • at home
  • at a childcare centre
  • at a pre-school or kindergarten.

A boy and his mum playing with blocks, while a woman watches and writes something on a clipboard

You might need:

  • early childhood intervention – a program that supports young children with
  • supports or services for families that have young children with disability
  • resources for teachers and childcare workers.

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