Education video

This video includes Auslan, subtitles and a transcript.


Hi, I'm Ben.

And I'm Claudia.

Today we'll be talking about the area of life that relates to education.

People with disability should be able to get the same education as everyone else, and that means everyone from young children, children at school and adults.

An education is important because it can help you learn new things and develop new skills that can help you in life.

Early childhood education for most young children is one year before they go to primary school.

Young children with disability can get their early childhood education at home, a childcare centre, a preschool or kindergarten.

You might need help with early childhood intervention which is a program that support young children with disability.

Support or services for families that have young children with disability may also be needed.

Resources for teachers and childcare workers are also available.

You can find more information about these supports on the Early childhood education page.

When it comes to primary school, most children start school when they are six years old or over.

It's important that children with disability have access to education and take part in classroom activities.

To achieve this, you might need supports or services for families that have children with disability.

Teachers and support staff will also need the best resources.

Information about getting ready for university, TAFE or work, and the rights of students with disability, is also information you'll need.

You can find more info about these supports and resources on the Primary school and high school page.

When you finish high school, you might choose to go to uni or TAFE.

If you do, you can find information for students with disability, education and training providers, such as teachers or trainers, along with information about the rights of students with disability.

Find out more on the University and TAFE programs page.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist in education, please contact the Disability Gateway on 1800 643 787.