Healthcare services, doctors and specialists

You might need to visit doctors, specialists and therapists more than other people. There are many services that specialise in working with people with disability. You can also get help in accessing healthcare services, including those that are not available in your area.

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Allied health and therapist support

BlueCare – Queensland

BlueCare offers podiatry, exercise physiology and occupational therapy services in Queensland. See if BlueCare's services can help you

Disability Services Australia

Disability Services Australia offers Enhance Health Services, which comprise different psychology and allied health support services for people with disability. Find out more about the Enhance Health Services

Healthcare services and hospitals

Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion

Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion helps families to access healthcare services. See if Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion can help you

Carer Gateway

The Carer Gateway website has some tips for working with health services, which apply to people with disability and their carer. See the Carer Gateway's tips on working with healthcare services

Department of Health – The Australian health system

It's useful to know how our system works and how to get the services you need. This website explains the different parts of the Australian health system, including Medicare. Visit the website to learn more about Australia's health system and what services are available

Healthdirect Question Builder

Whenever you visit a doctor or healthcare service, it's a good idea to plan what you need to talk about and ask. This tool helps you to write down any questions or problems you want to talk about. Use the Healthdirect Question Builder to help you plan for a medical appointment.

MND Connect

MND Australia provides practical information and support to people with Motor Neurone Disease through MND Connect - a website and national information line. Find out how MND Connect can help you

My Health Record

The online My Health Record collects information about your health, including the conditions you have, the medicines you are taking and your medical test results. This  keeps your health information in one place, which makes it easier for hospitals and healthcare services if you have to see different doctors or specialists. See how to sign up for My Health Record

Patient transport schemes

You may be able to get subsidised transport services if you need to travel to get treatment that is not available in your area. Some schemes include accommodation. You can also talk to the hospital or medical centre you go to, because they may have some advice about where to go for transport help.

Patient travel schemes include:

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