Planning for the future

Planning for future care and decision-making needs may also be important to you.

Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services has a booklet that discusses things you might want to consider in future planning and how to get legal and financial advice.

The website also has a list of organisations that you can access for help with future planning and information on special disability trusts that assist with private financial provisions for current and future care and accommodation needs.

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Planning for the future

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Planning for the future is important for everyone.

Some parts of planning for the future might include writing down your plan in legal documents.

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You might need to work with a lawyer to write these documents.

A lawyer is an expert who knows and understands the law.

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Planning for your future could include:

  • writing a will – this is a document that says what you want to happen when you die
  • choosing a guardian – this is someone who makes decisions about your life when you can’t make decisions on your own
  • setting up a power of attorney – this is a document that explains who can make decisions about your money for you if you can’t do that yourself
  • advance care planning, such as writing down what medical treatment you want in the future.

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