Legal services

You may need legal help or advice at some time. You can get legal advice from Legal Aid or from other expert legal services, and some legal services specialise in disability-related issues.

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Legal services

A police officer handcuffing a person

There are legal services in each state and territory that can help you if someone:

  • is in trouble with the police
  • needs to go to court.

Icons of a fist for violence, a person crying, and a person standing over another person who is looking down

Legal services can also help you if a person with disability experiences:

  • violence – if someone is hurting you physically
  • abuse – if someone is treating you badly
  • neglect – if someone is not helping you the way they are supposed to help you
  • exploitation – if someone is taking advantage of you.

People talking to a judge in court

Some legal services specialise in helping people with disability.

But people with disability can use any legal service.


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