Leisure video

This video includes Auslan, subtitles and a transcript.


Hey, I'm Judeland, and today I'll be talking about the areas of life that relate to leisure.

Who doesn't love leisure time?

This can include activities like sports, community activity, art and travel.

Leisure activities like this can help you with your body and mind and you can make new friends.

Let's start with sports. 

Participating in sports is a great way to keep your body healthy and meet new people.

Australia is a sporting nation, and there are lots of opportunities, like maybe playing for Australia overseas and playing community sports for fun.

If you want to find out more about community sports program for people with disability, such as playing against other people or teams across Australia or in each State and Territory, you can learn more on the Competitive and recreational sports page.

Taking part in community programs can be good for your body, your mind and, best of all, keeps you connected to your local area where you can make new friends.

There are a lot of these programs you can try, ones that support people with disability to take part in community, do some art, participate in camps and outdoor activities.

And there are even online groups that organise meet-ups.

You can learn more about all these activities on the Community programs page.

Other leisure activities are travelling and going out, like going on a holiday or a nice day out.

There are organisations that can help you plan your trip and make sure the places that you visit are accessible and everyone can use it.

Things like places or buildings, transport, a service, informations or websites all need to be accessible for you to use.

Informations about website and organisations that can help you plan a holiday or a day out, find accessible activity all over Australia, help with technology and support for travel, and travelling or going out with a carer is available on the Holidays and going out page.

Did you know that respite is also a leisure?

Well, sort of.

That's when someone else takes care of a person so that the carer can have a break.

Everyone needs a break from their day-to-day routine now and then.

And respite is a good break for carers and the person they care for.

Planned respite is available along with emergency respite just in case something happens and your carer can't look after you.

Informations about respite services for all State and Territories can be found on the Respite page in the Health and wellbeing area of life.

If you'd like to know more about how we can assist in leisure, please contact the Disability Gateway on 1800 643 787.