COVID-19 Leave Grant Open for Disability Workers

NDIS providers can now apply for reimbursement of payment made to eligible disability workers unable to attend work due to a COVID-19 infection.

The Disability Worker COVID-19 Leave Grant will help disability workers take the time they need off work due to having a COVID-19 infection. Supporting workers to stay at home when they are sick reduces the risk to NDIS participants who receive close personal supports.

This grant replaces the High Risk Settings Pandemic Payment and matches funding available to aged care workers.

Registered and unregistered NDIS providers, including sole traders, can now apply at GrantConnect.

How does it work?

An eligible disability worker tests positive for COVID-19 and does not attend work.

If that worker does not have sick leave to cover the time off work, the NDIS provider gives the worker an eligibility declaration form to fill in. This form provides confirms the worker’s COVID-19 infection, employment status and access to sick leave. The worker will also need proof of their COVID-19 infection.

The NDIS provider pays the worker at least the amount the provider will receive through the grant:

  • $450 per person where the worker has lost at least eight hours, and up to and including 20 hours of work
  • $750 per person where the worker has lost more than 20 hours of work.

The NDIS provider applies for the grant, claiming reimbursement of the money they have paid each eligible worker. As long as the NDIS provider and its workers are eligible, the NDIS provider will be reimbursed the amounts shown above.

For more information, including information in nine languages for workers, go to

This grant has been designed to protect those most at-risk, but there are many ways to help ensure the safety of others, including remaining up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations, staying home when unwell, ensuring adequate ventilation in indoor spaces, and practicing COVID-safe behaviours.