Good Practice Guidelines for Engaging with People with Disability

These Guidelines are to assist you to engage with people with disability in an inclusive, respectful and appropriate way.

The Guidelines provide practical advice across the key stages of the planning and delivery of your engagement.

You can download the Guidelines as a single document or read as webpages.

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Good Practice Guidelines for Engaging with People with Disability

Executive summary

Executive Summary

Easy Read Summary of the Guidelines

Summary of the Guidelines in Auslan


Context and audience for these guidelines

Follow good practice engagement principles

Understand what disability means

Address access barriers

Define the level of participation

Language and definitions

Useful resources


Start by thinking about accessible design

Identify activity characteristics

Make participant experiences positive

Follow ethical standards

Partner with disability specialists

Consider time and cost

Pay participants


Identify and attract participants

Give participants clear information in advance

Plan accessible in-person activities

Meet people’s accessibility needs

Schedule activities

Create accessible materials

Create accessible materials – audio and video content

Create accessible materials – forms and surveys

Create accessible materials – Images and diagrams

Create accessible materials – presentations

Create accessible materials – print and digital documents


Check your readiness

Check remote tools

Manage changing responsibility between team members

Deliver an inclusive activity

Follow up

Analyse and reflect with people with disability

Quote participants accurately

Promote effective follow up

Use feedback to evaluate


Consent form template

Expression of interest form template

Housekeeping discussion guide example

Quick guide for facilitating with people with disability example