Finding housing to suit you is important to your wellbeing. Australia has different types of housing that could meet your needs, and each state and territory offers housing advice and assistance. Explore options to find your home.

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Hi, I'm Philomena, and today I'll be talking about the area of life that relates to housing.

There's no place like home, and it's important that it suits your needs.

Australia has different types of housing to meet the needs of people with disability, and everyone has the right to housing that is affordable, safe and accessible.

When we talk about rights, we mean that everybody should be treated fairly.

And when we talk about accessible, this means everybody should be able to use it.

Useful things, like a place, a building, transport, a service, information or a website, should all be accessible to you.

There are many types of housing available to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

The type of housing you need could be emergency housing if you don't have anywhere to live right now.

It can also be supported accommodation that's designed for people with disability who need support.

Another type is independent accommodation so that you can live on your own.

You can find out more on the Types of housing page.

If you want to rent your own home, there are supports that can help you do this, like websites that have lists of available housing to rent and Facebook groups about how to find housing.

If you need more info, you can find it on the Rental assistance page.

Your rights are important when it comes to housing, and everyone needs to be treated fairly.

It's important to know what your rights are.

You can find information about your rights as well as advocacy services

if you need someone to speak up for you.

Find more about your rights on the Your housing rights page.

If you'd like to know more about how we can assist in housing, please contact the Disability Gateway on 1800 643 787.

This section provides links to services and information on:

Types of housing

Your choices for independent and supported housing

Rental assistance

Finding a home with the features you need

Your housing rights

What housing rights you have and how to deal with discrimination


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A man with his thumbs up with a housing icon next to him

In this Area of Life we talk about housing.

It is important to find housing that suits your needs.

A man standing in a kitchen pointing to himself

Australia has different types of housing to meet the needs of people with disability.

A montage of 3 icons: money, safe and a person in a wheelchair using an accessible ramp

Everyone has the right to housing that is:

  • affordable
  • safe
  • accessible – everyone can use it.

This section has information about:

A magnifying glass looking at different types of housing

Types of housing

Different types of housing you can find.

A magnifying glass over a house with 'rent' above


Finding a home to rent that suits your needs.

A boy raising his hand with a rights icon

Your housing rights

Making sure you are treated fairly.


Key supports

National Disability Insurance Scheme logo.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people with disability.

If you want help with the NDIS, you can call them on 1800 800 110

My Aged Care logo.

My Aged Care supports older people.

You can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422

Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs logo.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs supports veterans. We call this department DVA.

A veteran is a person who served in the military.

If you want help from DVA, you can call them on 1800 555 524

A Medicare card with a dollar sign and a down arrow. Behind it is a map of Australia.

Medicare is a program that gives all Australians health care at no cost or low cost.

If you want help with Medicare, you can call them on 132 011

Australian Government Services Australia logo.

Services Australia supports all Australians, including:

  • families
  • older people
  • carers
  • people looking for work.

If you want help from Services Australia, you can call them on 132 307

Carer Gateway logo.

The Carer Gateway supports families and carers who support another person.

You can call the Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737

Head to Health logo

Head to Health can help you find information about mental health – for yourself or for someone you care about.

You can visit the Head to Health website for more information.