How to use the Disability Gateway

Last updated: 9 November 2021

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The Disability Gateway is a free, Australia-wide service dedicated to helping people connect to trusted information and services.

It’s a website and a phone line for people with disability, their families and carers.

The Disability Gateway website has a powerful search function and gives you 10 life areas to help start your search.

Click on search to find information within the Disability Gateway website.

Or, if you want to find a disability service in your area, choose from four external websites.

Now let’s hear about some of the ways the Disability Gateway can help people.

Meet George.

George is autistic and works part-time as an auto mechanic.

After a long break from work because of illness, he wants to get a new job closer to home.

George wants to know what kind of support there is to help him on his journey back to work.

After reading about employment options on the Disability Gateway website, he decides to do a course that will help him update his CV and make a plan for finding a new job.

Meet Sarah.

Sarah cares for her sister Kate who has an intellectual and physical disability. Kate has lived in different homes but hasn’t found one that’s right for her.

Sarah invites Kate to move in with her. They’re both very excited but Sarah’s not sure what changes to make at home.

Sarah uses the Disability Gateway website to find local organisations that can help her and her sister.

Meet Melissa.

Melissa is the CEO of Care Co-op, an organisation that supports people with disability.

Recently, more families have contacted Melissa asking about support for people with complex needs and she wants to expand their range of services.

Melissa calls the Disability Gateway phone line to get information about other organisations she could partner with.

Do you need support to use or understand the Disability Gateway?

If you speak a language other than English, the Translating and Interpreting Service, TIS, can read the Disability Gateway to you in your language and also provides an immediate phone interpreting service. Call TIS on 131 450.

If you need to listen to the Disability Gateway website, you can use ReadSpeaker. Just press the Listen button on any page to have it read out to you.

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, call the National Relay Service (NRS) on 133 677.

If you need to contact the Disability Gateway, you can use our feedback page.

Visit or phone 1800 643 787

You can find translated videos here.