Australia’s Disability Strategy Hub

This Hub has information on Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031, including key actions under the Strategy, the rights of people with disability, data and research, and how you can stay informed.

At a glance - Australia’s Disability Strategy

An overview of the Strategy and what it does.

The Strategy and supporting documents

Read copies of the Strategy and its supporting documents, a range of which are available in Easy Read and community languages, including Auslan.

Key actions under the Strategy

Find out how the Australian, state, territory and local governments contribute to Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031.

Australia’s Disability Strategy Advisory Council

Find out more about Australia’s Disability Strategy Advisory Council.

Roles and responsibilities

Find out what services are delivered by the Australian Government, state and territory governments and councils.

How will the Strategy drive action

Learn about how the Strategy will be managed and reported on, and how people with disability will be involved.

Rights of people with disability

Learn how the Strategy plays an important role in protecting, promoting and fulfilling the human rights of people with disability.

Data and research

Find out more about data and research helping governments make better policy and services for people with disability.

Public Forums and consultations

Find details on Australia’s Disability Strategy public forms and consultations.

Keep informed and support the Strategy

Learn how you can stay informed on the Strategy and help support it.